Nina Eaton Photography - Gone but not forgotten filmstrip

Here’s a gallery that’s filled with memories of life as it was in El Paso.

We ate at these local restaurants. They knew our names and what we would order, before we even sat down in a booth. We filled up our cars with gas at a quaint “filling station”, took our children to our first hands-on science museum, went to buy junk at an old wrecking company and visited city council meetings when an issue of interest was finally going to be taken to a vote.  And while we were on our way to all those places, we’d drive past the smelting company on I-10 that added to the pollution of our air for so many years.

 I hope that visiting the images here will bring back some good memories that you can share with friends & family, of good times now gone by, but not forgotten.

Gone, but not Forgotten